Helmet & Bike Lock

헬멧과 자전거를 함께 잠금장치를 이용하여 편안하게 자유롭게...
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Cute cow-shaped helmet Lock

After enjoying the bike and kickboard, use the locking device to make it safe and comfortable with a helmet.....

wearing only a snapback hat...




Easy to lock/unlock with 3-digit password 


The wire length is 70cm or more, and it is large enough to tie bicycles, helmets, and other attachments together.


After setting the password, press the left button to unlock it lightly.


Press the right button and the wire will return to its place.


Password setting

When changing the password, press the wire head firmly as shown in the picture below, and you will hear a click sound. After that, you can set the password you want and then use it.

Password is initially set to "000"














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1. The buyer's simple change of mind is within 7 days of receipt of the product (the buyer bears the return shipping cost)

2. If the product is different from the label / advertisement of the product, it can be returned or exchanged for injury within 7 days of receipt of the product (the seller bears the return shipping cost)


Reason for return / exchange

1. If the return request period has passed, you cannot return or exchange, AS application is possible, and the AS period is 1 year

2. When the product is lost or damaged due to the buyer's responsible reason (except when the packaging to confirm the product is damaged)

3. When the packaging is opened, but the packaging is damaged and the product branch is significantly lost.

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Helmet & Bike Lock

10.00 USD
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Out of Stock
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