Brand Slogan

"Embrace safety and style on your journey. At NINEOTWO Lab, we embody the core values of 'wearing safety and styles,' transcending the mere act of wearing a helmet. By representing all your movements as a 'journey,' we aim to convey emotional resonance alongside practicality."

Brand Story 

In recent times, with the increasing concern among modern individuals about self-care and environmental issues, there has been a significant surge in the use of personal mobility devices such as electric scooters and bicycles. 

However, not all individuals who use these means of transportation wear helmets. This reluctance to wear helmets may stem from a casual attitude towards short-distance travel, as well as concerns about compromising style or not matching the outfit of the day. Recognizing these concerns, 

902s is developing fashion-forward helmets suitable for everyday wear, prioritizing comfort and style.

 Furthermore, we are exploring new business opportunities by introducing hands-free products that enhance mobility convenience while promoting helmet usage. By expanding our business beyond domestic and Southeast Asian markets to Europe, the United States, and beyond, we aim to establish ourselves as a global leader in stylish and safe riding.

Our motto, "Wearing safety and styles along your journey," 

reflects our dedication to promoting fashionable safety gear for all riders.

Brand Identity (BI)

 The brand meaning of 902S is as follows: "90" represents the shape of 'go', while "2" signifies 'to'. "S" stands for Safety and Styles, thus representing "Go to Safe & Style."

About 902lab

902lab wants to create a new concept product with differentiation in design and UI/UX and introduce it to the market. 

 I developed a fashion helmet as my first project, and as a continuing work, I always think about what people want and try to make a product that solves it.

CI (Corporate Identity)

1st Project  - Persona

Bicycle helmets haven't changed in design in decades and have been consistently released in traditional shapes. However, users are thinking about whether the product is more comfortable and well-designed. 

 With this in mind, we have developed a helmet cap in the form of a normal cap for e-quickboard users and cyclists, which has been rapidly increasing in recent years. In cities, people often don't wear helmets because they don't ride fast and worry about getting their hair tangled. This product is a certified helmet designed to provide style and safety by being easily put together after wearing a regular hat. 

 In recent years, due to environmental concerns and health, the bicycle population is increasing, and e-scooter sharing services are increasing, but safety issues have not been addressed. By providing helmets that are comfortable and easy to use, users want to be a little safer and more comfortable using their bikes and e-scooters.